Reasons To Donate Zakat During Ramadan

Offerings that involve Zakat form part of the Five Pillars Of Islam and are critical in Ramadan. These benefits are associated with intensive prayer, divine worship, sacrifice, charity, and fasting.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are expected to use the month to re-evaluate how they live in regards to Islamic guidance. The duty of each Muslim is to try and understand as well as read the Holy Quran to gain an insight to divine secrets that are enshrined therein.

About Giving Zakat

Muslims, who happen to have wealth that remains over the period of a year, are obligated to pay a percentage of this amount to the needy and poor. While this donation can be paid at any time, most of the Muslim people prefer to pay forth their Zakat during Ramadan. This form of giving known as Zakat is derived from Arabic, which translates into “to purify” and “to grow.”

Muslims have a belief that to give to the needy, poor or others will clean their personal wealth and increase the value of their wealth. This causes individuals to recognize the fact that everything that humans have is a form of trust given from God. The payment of Zakat is necessitated from each adult Muslim woman and man that has wealth that exceeds the amount they need to meet up with their basic needs.

How Much Is Expected For Zakat?

The money expected for Zakat will be dependent on the wealth and amount one possesses. However, the typical amount that is considered a minimum is set at 2.5% from the person’s “extra wealth.” The exact calculations for Zakat are dependent and detailed on the person’s circumstances. For this reason there are a few websites that now feature Zakat calculators which can assist with these processes. Reach out to a non profit organization to donate your zakat

About NISAB Values For 2016

NISAB are exemption limits for payments related to Zakat. This means that if the individual’s “net” yearly savings is under the specified number, they become exempt from having to pay Zakat. This means that only the persons who have a net capital that is over the NISAB values will be obligated to provide Zakat. The amount based on NISAB is a calculation that relies on the value compared to 3 ounces of Gold.

For the year 2016, NISAB Values that use Gold values are calculated at 2,572. For the individuals who want to use the Silver value this amount is set at 216.
Below are a few features related to Zakat calculators:

•The calculator calculates the amounts in Euros, GBP and US Dollars; the currency can be changed to suit the individuals needs

•The calculator also offers options that factor in the NISAB values that are based on Silver and Gold

•Also, this calculator provides the benefits related to stock options, investments, bonds and savings

Some of the terms related to Ramadan and Zakat donations include the following:


This occurs when an individual is not permitted to fast due to ill health. A monetary payment is then given for each day. This means that the amount is divided over 30 days. This money is then utilized to feed the needy or poor.


This occurs when an individual who is already fasting, deliberately breaks the fast. They are expected to redo their fast as well as make payments for this broken loose. If they cannot adhere to this requirement, they will be supposed to feed 60 needy or poor people for each day of the fast that they miss.


Also called Zakatul-Fitr is described as the act of providing small portions of food that is provided for the purpose of charity when Ramadan ends before the Eid prayers. This contribution does not form part of Zakat.

Who Benefits From SADAQA AL-FITR

This particular contribution is intended for Muslims in a community who do not have access to enough funds to feed their family or themselves. Traditionally, these gifts should be given in a direct manner to those individuals who are in need. However, in some areas, the person who makes this gift will take these donations to the home of the needy family.


Sadaqah is donations that are given to assist the needy. Over and above the requested alms, the Muslims are also encouraged to provide charity at any time if they can. Voluntary and new charity are known as Sadaqah that is derived from An Arabic term that means “honesty” and “truth.” This donation can be provided in any amount or time.


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Self Development The Easy Way

Many people who want to change unwanted or negative behaviors try to use will power in order to make the behavior vanish. It seems that many of us fight in this way and expect these unwanted feelings to just disappear as a result.This can only happen through self development.

However, never was something more true than the saying what we resist just persists. It appears that we are conditioned in many ways to believe we have to fight things in order to overcome them. Eastern thoughts about change however can be quite different and unorthodox to people living in westernized nations because they have traditions that believe the opposite.

Basically they have it that if you become mindful of the unwanted feelings after a while they will simply give up as they have nothing to fight with. Imagine a prize fighter psyching himself up for his next fight and training hard but then he turns up for the match and he has no opponent. There wont be a fight then will there. Asking people to stay with unwanted feelings may sound insane to some but I invite readers to try this out albeit on feelings of lower intensity to begin with and as you get used to it bring this to bigger and more intense feelings.

For instance think of a time when you had some nervousness, perhaps at work or before an important meeting or something that is only mildly disturbing. Feel the feeling fully, don’t be scared of it and stay present. Let it begin to run its course, it may seem unpleasant at first because you are not used to doing this, it goes against everything we have been taught, to just be with a feeling. But stay longer with it and be patient. Be aware of its location , if it has one, in your body, is it in your stomach or your chest, stay with it a few more moments and then ask yourself this question but ask with meaning Could I welcome this feeling. Yes instead of attempting to repel it do the opposite and welcome the feeling.

You may have to ask two or three times as you continue to be with the unwanted response. For most of us the feelings simply disappears, it can feel like energy leaving your body and with a little practice you can bring this simple mindfulness method to any unwanted responses or feelings that might plague you throughout the day. It works because it is paradoxical. Because you give up trying the feeling has nothing to fight against, just like our champion boxer, so it does not have anything to cling to anymore.

You can do the above technique in real time during your day and nobody will even know that you are doing it. Hows that for a wonderful and simple self-development method that is discreet but powerful. Its a great tool in your stress management box too. I carry mine with me wherever I go. I hope you start to as well.